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"I am very happy here in Japan! It is an endlessly fascinating country and the people are so friendly and helpful. There is a lot of patience and respect within the culture and it's a wonderful thing to witness and experience. I feel that the job is going well too."          

Jason, March 2015

UIC Teachers English Teaching in Japan 

"I want to thank you for getting me here, so quickly and so efficiently. All the other teachers who came through UIC I've talked to speak very highly of you, so I think everybody agrees you've really helped us." ;-)

                        George, July 2015

UIC Teachers send teachers to work at Shane English School in Japan. We have many years' experience in teaching English, running schools and recruiting teachers for many different countries. We know what it's like to teach abroad in all sorts of conditions. You can be sure of our support and help from the moment an interview is arranged up to the big day of getting on the plane and then ongoing while you are in Japan. We work hard to provide you with a full and realistic picture of what the job entails and what you can expect from your time in Japan. It's a fantastic experience where you will see some incredible places and meet lots of great people. You do, though, need to know all about the job and what your life in Japan will be like. This is where we come in. We have been sending English teachers to Japan for over 20 years and will provide you with lots of information, tips and advice. Here's what UIC Teachers offer:

  • ​Free service to teachers
  • 20 years of sending teachers to Japan
  • Full assistance with getting work visa
  • Lots of help and guidance
  • Full set of employment documents and job spec
  • Photos, videos, tips from teachers, guides on settling in to Japan, places to visit, things to do!​

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UIC Teachers English Teaching in Japan


"The schools are a pleasure to work in. The company gives a real chance for career progression and support. The students are tremendous and I love their eagerness and enthusiasm to learn English."

Karl, October 2014