Teaching English in another country is a fantastic way to get under the skin of a country. You get to learn what makes the people tick, make sense of the culture and have time to see all the sights and attractions that you could never cover in a holiday. It’s not a holiday, of course! Wherever you work you will find the job to be full on, at times stressful and demanding. Working at Shane English School Japan is certainly full on but also has lots of variety, you will develop as a teacher, the students are lovely and it is very rewarding.

Teaching In Japan - The Job

UIC Teachers English Teachingin Japan

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Here are the main points of the job with Shane English School Japan:

University degree and CELTA/Trinity Cert TESOL. Teachers with 60 hours or more TEFL certificate and six months or more full time teaching experience also welcome to apply                                                                  
252,800yen per month. Opportunity to earn more through cover work.
29.5 per week made up of approx. 25 contact hours and 4.5 hours prep time. A maximum 6 hours of teaching or 6.5 hours of work in a 9 hour period
Generous holidays throughout the year. More than 6 weeks annual paid leave including 2 weeks plus at Xmas/New Year
Paid initial training and regular training days.  Opportunities to do the Trinity TESOL dip0loma at a discounted rate.
Academic support from DoS and team. Welfare support team
Support given to find accommodation.  Option to rent privately or take Company accommodation. Full details provided.
Commuting costs            
Travel costs to and from work in Japan are reimbursed
Health Insurance             
Access to Japanese Government scheme
Work Visa                           
Help with obtaining this and sponsored by the Company
12 month minimum term which is renewable

Here are the thoughts of one of our teachers,  Mark Williams, who started in July:

"Work is excellent. I love my schools and the students. I especially enjoy the lift off age group and the adults. My two very young classes are also fun. I'm learning a lot and progressing. I have been using my breaks between lessons to learn some Japanese".

Mark, who is a certified "Japanophile" also writes poems and short stories about his travels in Japan. He has also published a number of books. Mark  has a lovely website which you can view by clicking here